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Founded in 1979 as Just BJ, modeling and etiquette course for children ages 5 – 18 which was established with JC Penney stores of Georgia. The program became Model Majesty in 2000 reflecting the change in growth of Camy and BJ Arnett with the idea to better serve children and their parents in the fashion and film community. 

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Professor Mrs. BJ Arnett is a proud Department Chair of Fashion Merchandising at Clark Atlanta University. 

With over 40 years in the film/fashion/entertainment/education arena, let her help you build a platform that takes your business or brand to the next level.



















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Always available to help tell your story.


 As a department chair, I am responsible for providing academic and professional advice to fashion merchandising concentration majors. This concentration is the most heavily subscribed in the department. To further that commitment, I have engaged in mentorship discussions with students to help develop and or build their personal businesses. Students who demonstrate business, cultural and social excellence as it relates to their specific career aspirations are then given the opportunity to work/mirror or intern with some of Georgia’s best and brightest Fashion, Art and Business professionals. This also ties back into objective #1 -- expanding opportunity with the industry and student accountability exchange. She has fostered relationships within the Film/Costuming/Business community and expanded internships,  jobs and mirroring opportunities. This interface with the industry has strengthened students' understanding of the industry and often given them intern opportunities. The following is a list of those industry leaders who have spoken, done workshops, given internships and/or paid jobs in 2017-2019.


Camy Arnett

Camy Arnett Production Studios


Miriam Ashford

11Alive NBC Atlanta Community Affairs Department

Anita Finklestien-Temple

Costumer Film and Television

Monica Woods-Younger

Costume Stylist Buyer CBS Television show Kevin Probably Saves the World


Dhaba Wayessa

Founder of Sandscribe Foundation

Shawn Collins

Dark And Dazzlin', LLC

Empress Holley

Costume Department Marvel Black Panther Movie

Isaac Spry

Fashion Designer/tailor

Alex Eubanks

Coke Cola VP Communications

Scotter Taylor

Digital Media Corp

Stevee Ashlock

Stevee Ashlock Productions

Randi Layne

CEO, Catwalk Productions

John Adcox


Jasmine Sykes

Ivy & Elm Photography

Christian Lee Storm

Producer of The Life of Pi

More names and corporations upon request


My research and scholarship reflects an applied rather than theoretical process. The work is activity based and centers on the application of fashion costuming and styling in the film industry in addition to directing fashion shows and speaking on fashion to professional audiences. Costuming and styling involve selecting clothing, hairstyles and accessories to help stage a director’s vision for the time period being filmed. Fashion professionals make this aspect of the industry happen.


The philosophical underpinning of my research agenda is the recognition that Fashion Industry and Wardrobe Styling constitute an art form when used as a major tool through which the creators of a film bring realism and beauty to the screen. Without the Fashion Industry, Costuming/Wardrobe Styling, Set Design and Props, a story cannot effectively be told. The visual presentation of a film involves a wide variety of textures that bring a film to life. How would The Color Purple have been able to transport viewers to another time and emotional intensity without the extraordinary costumes, locations, authentic period homes, cars, and even juke joints?  Each color and texture is selected to evoke an emotional response drawing the viewer into the film. The visual style of a film becomes the vessel that adds authenticity to the characters and time periods, and contributing heavily to the impression that the film is seeking to communicate.


The applied research that I have developed centers around: 1) the importance of Fashion and specifically Costuming/Wardrobe Styling, both nationally and globally, to the film industry; 2) participation in invited talks and professional organizations; and 3) the work I am engaged with in Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Creative Works.


Finally, it is important to note that the majority of my research output centers around communicating positive and uplifting content. So much of contemporary art, film and music express messages of despair, nihilism, and misogyny. My work is meant to express, faith, hope, and love, founded on Christian beliefs, within a diverse community. While embracing an atmosphere of mutual respect for all people.

New York City Tours & Trends


Research Projects

SECTION 1. Fashion and Costuming/Styling for Film Production  


2019 - The Challenger Disaster 

Associate Producer / Costumer


I served as the associate producer and costumer for the feature film The Challenger Disaster, starring Dean Cain, Glenn Morshower, Eric Hanson, and Cameron Arnett. The film centers on the eve of the Challenger explosion in 1986. One engineer goes to the extreme to stop the launch. The Company, Marshall Space Flight and NASA made a business decision, the engineer made a human decision. The films theatrical national release (what cities were involved)


The film was released on DVD in February 2019 under the category Action Drama and came in at number 3 on the Amazon Watch list.   



2018 - Mattie: The Discovery

Executive Producer and Costumer  

I served as executive producer and costumer for the feature film Mattie: The Discovery released in spring 2018. Working with my husband and creative partner Camy Arnett with Camy Arnett Production Studios shooting began in May 2017 with the first film screenings held in May of 2018 to outstanding reviews. The film centers on a tragic murder that serves as the catalyst to awaken hidden gifts and introduces Mattie to a life of discovery and unexpected temptations. It is during a life-shattering funeral that Mattie experiences the dilemma of being between the road that leads to mercy, grace and forgiveness or bitterness and the evil use of newly discovered abilities.

To date Mattie: The Discovery has won awards in 6 film festivals nationwide including:

Peak City International Film Festival, Apex, North Carolina

  • Best Feature Film

Christian Film Festival, Newport News, Virginia

  • Best Feature Film

  • Best Producer

LA Edge Film Awards, Los Angeles, California

  • Best Supporting Actor

  • Best Supporting Actress

Black Laurel Films, San Francisco, California

  • Official Selection

Oniros Film Awards, based in Saint-Vincent, Italy

  • First Time Producer Winner

  • First Time Director Honorable Mention

  • Qualifies films for distribution through screening service IMDb.



2016 - Jesus Is My Booski

Executive Producer and Head of Costume


I served as the Executive Producer and Costumer in the faith-based children's program Jesus Is My Booski. Starring a cast of fun loving characters who tell biblical stories in a contemporary language. The program was built as a TV to DVD series for children ages 5 to 13 years.  The series was released through film festivals and educational sites.


2015 - Adrenaline

Associate Producer 

Filmed in Arrington, North Carolina, the story follows a street racer's life being turned upside down after a near fatal car crash, leaving him wheel chair bound. Forced to face his new circumstance, he struggles to walk, to trust, to love, and ultimately race again, starring John Schneider. The film had a limited theatrical release in 2015.


2013 - Stand Your Ground

Head of Costume and Wardrobe


I served as head of costume design and wardrobe for the feature film Stand Your Ground released in 2013. The film centers on a woman’s struggle with her convictions when her son is falsely accused of murder and the odds are stacked against him.


Accolade Competition –La Jolla, California

  • Award of Merit for Movie Trailer


Alaska International Film Awards - Anchorage, Alaska

  • Screenplay Competition


ICVM Crown Awards -  Atlanta, Georgia

  • Bronze Crown Winner - Best Drama


Peachtree Village International Film Festival – Atlanta, Georgia

  • Best Feature Film


Prestigious 5 Dove Award Rating – Dove Foundation


Talk Shows


This Day with BJ Arnett   2019-2017

  • This Day with BJ Arnett is a 15 minute program where you get information and inspiration to help make this day a great day.  Join BJ and her guests every Wednesday at 10:30 am on WATC.


BJA Today   2017  www.camyarnettproductionstudios.comLinks to an external site.

  • BJA Today is an American newsmagazine television program offering hard-hitting interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the public sector, marketplace and entertainment industry.


Atlanta Live 2019-2004

  • From nationally-known evangelists and gospel musicians to your neighbors down the street, ATLANTA LIVE features a wide range of guests sharing stories that inspire and music that ministers.

SECTION 2. Invited Talks and Professional Activities    

Latin American Christian Filmmakers Conference


November 15-17, 2019, Lima, Peru

  • Speaker: "Costuming in a Film Production World"

Content 19  Media Festival

September 17  - 19, 2019 – Dallas Texas

Served as a keynote speaker. “Stepping into Your Leadership Role in Film Production”

 Atlanta Public Speaking Summer program 2018

Instructor for 60 Chinese students for public speaking and acting

 Content 18 Media Festival

September 25 – 28, 2018 – Dallas, Texas

Served as a keynote speaker. I spoke on "Developing Your Brand"


Global Media Summit

April 26 – 28, 2018 – Dallas Texas

Developed and presented the workshop Developing Your Personal Brand to national and international television, film and media professionals.

Content 17 Media Festival

September 12 -1 4, 2017 - Dallas Texas

Developed and presented two workshops to television, film and media professionals. The sessions were The Available Listener, a training on talk show hosting and Following the Created Story, a guide to costuming.

Sandscribe Foundation Conference

July 29, 2017 - University of Maryland College Park, Maryland

I led a workshop on Costuming for Film and Television

The AmericasMart:      

The Fashion arena in Atlanta has expanded greatly to include a broader understanding of the industry. I regularly attend industry events and meetings that keep me connected and abreast to industry developments, innovations and technologies, both as a buyer, speaker and an audience member. For over 25 years I have regularly attended the The AmericasMart fashion wholesale vendors exhibitions to see the latest fashion offerings to inform my teaching and applied research in wardrobe and costuming.

GPP - Georgia Production Partnership: 

The Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) is a nonprofit coalition of companies and individuals who are active in the state’s film, television, music and digital entertainment industries. This organization gives me the opportunity to attend workshops and meetings that discuss the latest innovations in the film industry and it relates to my area as an independent producer and costume stylist buyer.

WIFTA - Women in Film and Television Atlanta

  • As a board member of 5 years I have led workshops, chaired the annual gala, been VP of membership and served as PR director. 

Women In Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) is dedicated to improving the status and portrayal of women in film, television, video and other screen-based media by offering opportunities for media makers to connect, create, champion and inspire.  With an emphasis on professionalism, education and training, we support the work of women in moving images media and foster greater public awareness of their efforts.

Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA), a 501c-3 Georgia non-profit, is a member-based organization for creative media professionals. We are the second oldest Women in Film chapter worldwide. With a focus on driving the advancement of women in the TV / Film industry, WIFTA provides a dynamic network for facilitating the exchange of ideas, sharing opportunities and accelerating the professional development of our members. This is a key reason why we are “Georgia’s foremost entertainment industry organization in support of women.”

Since our inception in 1974, WIFTA has proudly had a membership community of multi-generational and culturally diverse professionals – women and men. Our membership is comprised of professionals who work as (or strive to be) producers, directors, actors, entertainment attorneys, camera and sound technicians, film editors, graphic designers, make-up artists, wardrobe specialists, screenwriters, talent agents and casting directors. Our membership also includes businesses and organizations interested in supporting and promoting the creativity and skills that women bring to all screen-based media.

WIFTA is affiliated with 40+ Women in Film chapters around the world as well as the Women in Film umbrella organization known as Women in Film International (WIFTI). 


Fashion Group Atlanta

  • As a member of the Fashion Group of Atlanta I have taken part in numerous programs and workshops including an invited talk in 2016. 

The Fashion Group International is a global, non-profit, professional organization with 5000 members in the fashion industry including apparel, accessories, beauty and home. 
The FGI mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion, beauty and Interior design and to help its members become more effective in their careers. To do this, FGI provides insights on major trends in person, online and in print; access to business professionals and a gateway to the influence of aspects of design.


  • As assistant professor of fashion and business at Bauder College I had the opportunity to work to secure student designer and production assistants for the Ragtrade signature fashion event. I have continued this relationship since my hire at Clark Atlanta University. I have been able to connect current CAU students with this ground-breaking event.  

Established in 2013, RAGTRADE ATLANTA is committed to developing a sustainable fashion industry for the city of Atlanta. The organization aims to further the growth and interests of local and international designers in four key areas: Business Development, Scholarship Awards/Grants, Reputation, and Innovation & Tech.

Since its inception, RAGTRADE ATLANTA continues to provide leadership through strategic and creative programming to re-position Atlanta’s fashion industry as a key player in the global fashion space. RAGTRADE ATLANTA organizes the city’s official fashion week, showcasing the best of local and international emerging fashion designer collections to a diverse audience including press, buyers and consumers. RAGTRADE ATLANTA also manages a year-long curated events calendar featuring exclusive listings of fashion-focused events hosted by key community leaders.


SECTION 3. Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research:


I am dedicated to working with students on applied research projects. These activities range from being able to use current and recent students as interns on major film productions to exploring sustainable fashion wear. Research into fashion and wardrobe, as a major influencer of the curriculum, exposes the student to the “needles and threads” of cinematic fashion and costume design, and is an essential aspect of any production.

The following list provides a summary of these activities: 

  • For the film, Mattie: The Discovery shot in Union City, Georgia, several of my students were able to stay over the summer of 2017 and work on the film, giving them valuable experience that can be used as entry into the next level of the Fashion Merchandising industry as a whole. This is only one example of how film, television and commercials are another area of potential job opportunities for the Fashion Merchandising student.

  • Fashion School of Nuremberg Faculty and Student International Visit worked with our students to present a retail pricing marketing and branding plan for the German students design line. Several of our merchandising students were involved led by senior Georgette Parker. Bridging the gap between national and international fashion student experiences was quite an amazing project.

  • The completion of the first industry standard Fashion Show with handbooks from both the Fashion Production students and the Promotional Planning Classes these handbooks that chronicles the development of the Spring Senior Fashion Show 2018 with featuring both Fashion Designers and Fashion Merchandisers.

  • Millennial Shopping habits survey – This research began with the question in Fashion group discussions: “Why are Millennials such unpredictable shoppers” which led to a survey looking at ten variables. We will be collecting data for several years to attempt to see a pattern of buying behaviors. The assessment needs to expand to include Millennials outside of CAU. Further exploration is being planned on a larger scale.

  • "Alice in Wonderland”, by Gems Promise costume event. Within merchandising there is the study of the History of Costume, examining thousands of years of textiles and design. Students researched appropriate costumes for the “Wonderland” themed event. Activities included helping set program element for audience participation, dressed models after reviewing demographics students designed appropriate room setting for event.

  • Students have participated with the Apparel Mart and the new Shops at Buckhead, Sassy South Jewelry and Tootsies a high-end boutique, OneCoast, Lindberg a high end menswear store and Catwalk Productions giving students practical applications of the foundational principles found in many of their classes (440 Retail Management, CFAS 402 Fashion Buying and Planning, CFAS 325 Wardrobe Styling). In the Apparel Mart experience, students have worked as production assistants in the Fashion Office working with the Fashion Director and models to help in the production of Fashion show events.

  • In the summer of 2018 a selected group of students also worked with acclaimed international designer Tarik Edik, this line is known for the integration of creativity and technically within the process of designing beautiful evening gowns. By working directly with the designer students were able to work from both the stylist/costumer side that includes, basic merchandise visuals setup to assisting master seamstress in repair and care of gowns, as well as producing the fashion show for the international buyers.

My role as a department chair and instructor is to strengthen students in a knowledge of the industry basics, promote the creativity of the present and press for the innovation of tomorrow. If I am the only one speaking, then I have missed my primary function – to spark critical thinking. As an educator my ears must be open to hear the great minds that are in the classroom with me. Understanding the millennial student has also led to a better understanding of the millennial consumer. Below is a description of the ongoing research of the millennial shopper.

Millennial Shopping habits survey – This research began with the question in Fashion group discussions
 “Why are Millennial’s such unpredictable shoppers” which lead to my first ten point questionnaire with data still being determined. The assessment must be done with not only student but also Millennial outside of the university systems this first one was done with Senior Fashion Merchandisers. Further exploration is being done on a larger scale. Below is my initial findings. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 1_51_45 PM-2_p

New York Trends and Tours

Six Day Fashion Merchandising & Fashion Design Industry Experience

The Fashion Department as a whole had never had a NYC fashion merchandising and fashion design trip. This experience was the first of its kind! Here are some highlights. We were able to gain relationships with FIT professors which led to an exchange of fashion education, teaching methods, and speaking opportunities. Our continued collaboration with FIT is being developed. We toured Tiffany’s with an AUC graduate who had taken fashion and art courses at CAU, and Mood, the fabulous fabric store from TV. We met Bloomingdale's VP of talent acquisitions, the Nike design shop of Chinatown's VP of Marketing, and spent two hours with the costume producer of the Lion King. We had a crazy back stage tour and costuming class which took us from designing to the manufacturing side of the business. We spent two hours with famed designer B Michael of B Michael America. Lastly, which was our opening event in NYC, we were able to walk through the production process with two costumers, and then go to a three hour tour of a manufacturing house. We saw the process in action on all levels. Trends, Tours, and Talk was an outstanding success!


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